If you have a question about Grayville, contact us!

Whether you’ve lived here many years or are just moving in, we’re hoping this list of frequently asked questions (and answers) will be of service to you.

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Trash Collection

Trash collection is included for residents within the city limits. It is currently a charge of $15.75 per month on your utility billing, and you will be provided with 1 tote. Totes should be placed at the street, wheels facing away from the street, and not within 4 feet of anything such as mailboxes, trees etc. Beginning April 14, 2022 – Trash Collection Day will be each Thursday. Totes should be set out Wednesday evening as they come very early. For additional totes, please contact Sunrise Sanitation at 618-740-1701. No yard waste, construction or remodeling materials, tires, batteries, paint, electronics, etc. allowed. ALL trash must be placed in the tote, or it will not be picked up.
What if I have extra trash?
Please contact Sunrise Sanitation at 618-740-1701 for your extra trash pick-up needs.

Yard Waste
You may call City Hall with questions regarding yard waste. It is allowed to be burned, safely, during daylight hours, as long as it is only natural items. In the fall, leaves may be raked close to the street for pickup with our leaf vacuum.

Utility Billing

Bills are mailed the first week of the month, usually around the 5th. All bills are due on the 20th. Any bill not paid by that time will incur a penalty amount. If your bill is not paid by the 4th of the following month, you will be subject to shut off. No additional notice will be sent prior to shut off. If you are unable to pay your bill, we encourage you to contact us to set up a payment arrangement, before shut off. Utilities shut off will incur a $50 reconnection fee, after hours reconnection is $100. These dates are subject to weekend and holiday variations – but it’s best to keep in mind DUE 20th, SHUTOFF 4th.
Renters will be required to make utility deposits in cash before having them turned on. Any renter with a previous balance from a prior account will also have to pay that bill in full. Deposits are $100 gas; $100 water; $50 sewer. Deposits will be refunded after 12 months without late payments, or upon closure of the account.
Level Pay
Level Pay billing is available to Grayville home owners who have had utilities for at least one year. It is not available to renters. Sign up for this occurs in May, reminders are posted for it.

Park, Campground, and Pool

Grayville Memorial Park is a beautiful area to enjoy outdoor activities. Playground equipment and shelter houses are available for use. It also boasts a baseball diamond where you could catch a local game on a summer evening. The pool is open in the summer, beginning Memorial Day weekend and closing as school starts in the fall. Hours of operation and rates are posted at the pool, on the website and at the campground.
Hilltop campground is open for camping all year. No reservations will be taken. The campground has 15 full hookup sites and 2 tent only sites. The full hookup rates are as follows: $15 per night; $80 per week; and $300 per month. Tent only sites are $8 per night; $56 per week. To check in, please go to the campground and secure your site. Come to City Hall during business hours, or the police station after hours and on weekends to make payment, and we will get you a receipt and have the utilities unlocked. The campground does have bathrooms and shower area. 

Dog Tags

All dogs are required to have a dog tag by city ordinance. Tags are $10 at City Hall and they are for the time period of January 1 to December 31. They will have to be renewed each year.

Building Permits

Building permits are required for any new construction on your property or demolition. Building permits are $25 and demolition permits are at no charge. Fences, storage sheds, porches – any new construction requires a building permit.

Golf Carts

Golf carts may be permitted for road use in city limits. Carts must meet certain requirements, and all traffic laws must be obeyed. There are also other restrictions upon the operation of such vehicles, and a copy of that ordinance is available upon request. A golf cart sticker is $35 and can be obtained at city hall.

Peddler Information

See City Ordinance #897. CLICK HERE to read.